Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fair Trade Shopping

Vote for fair trade products with your wallet

Gifts and Graces would like to thank WFTO Asia for inviting us to their Open House today. Support WFTO Asia's Open House and support fair trade organizations in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and of course the Philippines.  

G&G products: Newspaper bags, newspaper wine caddies, monster dolls, retaso travel pillows, retaso denim bears, bead robot charms, travel sets, retaso cellphone cases, handmade paper gift tags

Fair trade seeks to correct the flaw in trading practices between the North and South; it seeks to correct the imbalances and injustices in this trading system and dared to ask Why not a trading system that protects and benefits the producers who globalization is supposed to benefit? Read about the 10 principles of fair trade in our About Fair Trade page.

The fair trade movement has grown to include many producers to help them gain access to opportunities and develop sustainable livelihoods. Fair trade builds the community's capabilities and incorporates environmental stewardship in production and business practice. To quote from the WFTO Asia website

"In an era of mass consumption, Fair Trade puts forward a big challenge for producers and consumers to seriously think about. The underpaid workers at the far end of the line, the rapidly degrading environment, the fading cultural identity and traditions, the discriminated women, the exploited and overworked children, and the families and communities searching for means to survive."

The fair trade model is not only a social enterprise, it is a social innovation that is a wholistic approach to conducting business in a creative, resourceful, and most of all humane way. Gifts and Graces believes that fair trade is a powerful model to fight poverty because it is an inclusive and empowering model that enables livelihood communities to move from vulnerability to self-sufficiency. 

Gifts and Graces supports WFTO's campaign to encourage consumers to do their part in fighting poverty by making the switch to fair trade products. By buying Gifts and Graces products you buy gifts that lift the spirit because even as a giver, you are blessed by the knowledge that you are buying great products that are aligned with your values. What's more, you are doing your part to support the entrepreneurial efforts of our marginalized partners such as urban poor communities, former prison inmates, former streetchildren, persons with disabilities, special needs individuals, and indigenous groups. 

Sharing below a video from WFTO Asia. Choose with your heart, buy with your conscience, vote with your wallet. Make the switch today.

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